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The role for social enterprise in creating a sustainable local food system.


Here is the jigsaw Helen created for the workshop at the The Business of Transition Event held on 24th April 2010.


When we begin to imagine what a typical weeks menu would like in 2040, and create a weeks menu plan in which local food is the majority of our diet with fair trade products the occasional luxuries,  we see the gaps that exist in our existing local food supplies.  We see the need for new small scale businesses to emerge to supply local food such as local cheeses, local bread, local salami's etc to our towns and villages.

We need to build a new local food economy,  so that local food is delivered from local extensive farms ie farms with mixed range of livestock, mixed arable and vegetable production, to the local community.    New on-farm food processing enterprises may emerge, suppling local food products made locally with local ingredients and sold in local shops.

To relocalise our food system we could to set up new forms of local food enterprises – moving away from the mass market industrialized food system – to small scale co-operative food enterprises that bring together small scale producers with retailers and consumers.


In my jigsaw, the community is the central circle.

Each individual piece, in the article below, can be clicked on to expand the size and read the details.


Out from the circle emerge local food projects, encouraging the community to seek out and buy food from local producers and therefore encouraging local retailers to stock local food.


The outer layer of the jigsaw are the new social enterprises that have been developing in recent years, in many instances developing out from the local food projects.

I think this is a very exciting time for people who want to change our food system back to a local one, and for those who want to create fulfilling new employment opportunities in local food enterprises and farming.   We now need to encourage local social entrepreneurs to come forward and gain the support needed to build the food economy and farming system that we need.


Within Matlock we are beginning this process, and Matlock Area Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative is a great start.


We are also beginning to look at a Food Hub for Matlock area.


Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in any of these or other local food projects.

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Social Enterprises are new emerging from local food projects, such as our own Matlock Area Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative...