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Tree Group

Friday, 27 March 2009 16:06


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Penny and Matin planting trees at the woodMartin Burfoot has been leading on the creation of a new wood above Starkholmes on land owned by Willersley Castle Hotel. Transition Matlock volunteers have been planting trees – including oak, rowan, birch and hawthorn – on the site (enjoying the sweeping views over Matlock Bath) during weekends throughout March 2009. Trees have been donated by Matlock Town Council and also by Little Green Space.


During March, Transition Matlock and Little Green Space have also been working to save over 1500 self-set ash saplings from an area of All Saints Infants School that is being transformed into vegetable beds for the children. We are planting many of these trees at Cavendish Playing Fields. Ash trees can be pollarded, benefiting the tree and providing what is generally considered to be the best firewood – it burns well and gives out lots of heat. With more and more people buying wood burning stoves (which provide virtually carbon-neutral heating) we need to plant lots of these trees!